World Parkinson’s Day is April 11th.

In 2022 and beyond, The PD Avengers, The EPDA and more than 50 partners worldwide will be taking a “Think Global, Act Local” approach, uniting us all with a singular, universal logo for World Parkinson’s Day. 

World Parkinsons Day - Languages.png

Share Your Inspiration

Sally Bromley Sky Dive.jpg

We want you to help inspire this logo by sharing with us your original art, music, writing, photography, or anything else you that would help provide inspiration for this logo. Deadline is October 25, 2021

Inspiration for WPD 2022.png
PD Avengers Deutschland.jpg
Jimmy Choi - credit American Ninja Warrior.jfif

This is not a contest.
We are not looking for you to submit a finalized logo.

We expect the final logo design will be inspired by multiple pieces. We would be grateful if all contributors would consider donating their inspiration to the PD Avengers World Parkinson’s Day campaign for us to use with attribution to help highlight the April campaign.


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