PD Avengers,

[…] you’ll find great ways to be an advocate for Parkinson’s.

Special thank you two of our new partners: Ping Pong Parkinson and Schluss mit Parkinson for registering 94 PD Avengers at the ITTF Parkinson’s World Table Tennis Championships 2021 in Berlin.

We also have now added a German section to our website.

Also, welcome to new PD Avenger Partners: Parkinson Alliance, Parkinson Unity Walk, and LSVT Global. In Australia, Tina Gillespie has been busy recruiting friends and family from all over the world. 

All of your recruiting efforts are what will continue to grow our membership, make our voices loud and sustained. 

 ITTF Parkinson’s World Table Tennis Championships 2021 in Berlin

Source: https://conta.cc/3z4vwS2