Five PD Avenger Actions in April for Parkinson’s Awareness 
#1 30 Day Challenge
Recruit Family, Friends, Care Team…The challenge is for you to recruit ONE person to join PD Avengers EACH DAY of APRIL. 
If all 2,911 PD Avengers were successful, we would have 87,330 members by May. 
Our goal of one million members by the end of 2022 remains. Why a million? Watch This
Can we count on you?
#2 Red Letter Campaign
If you haven’t yet, get your RED LETTERSand send them to the White House and show you #GiveADime about Parkinson’s!“
We’ve already sent more than 20,000 letters to the White House asking the President to;
Make tele-medicine permanently covered by Medicare 
Ban Paraquat, Trichlorethylene and other toxic chemicals proven to increase the risk of Parkinson’s disease 
10x increase in Parkinson’s Research dollars from the Federal Government
We want to send 100,000 red letters by the end of APRIL! 
Order your letters and find out more at

WATCH: To the right is a video of a webinar featuring PD Avengers co-founder Larry Gifford interviewing the original PD Avengers Dr. Ray Dorsey, Dr. Michael Okun, Dr. Bas Bloem and Dr. Todd Sherer, also the authors of Ending Parkinson’s.
#3 Ask U.N. to observe World Parkinson’s Day
Parkinson’s is the fastest growing neurological condition in the world yet the United Nations does not observe 11-April as World Parkinson’s Day. We want to change that. Write a letter to your UN Ambassador respectfully asking the United Nations to observe World Parkinson’s Day. Avenger from Uganda takes his letter to the U.N. – PD …

Kabugo Hannington is an advocate whose mother had Parkinson’s and was labeled a witch. He never wants anyone with pD to have to endure that. When the PD Avengers asked members to follow our lead by writing to UN Ambassadors respectfully…

Read more
#4 Register: World Parkinson Congress Virtual
The WPC Virtual: Advancing Science, Care, & Living with Parkinson’s online congress will take scientific updates and connectivity to a new level. We are thrilled to announce this first ever virtual Congress from the WPC that will rival the quality and content of what we offer in person. 
Program dates: Monday – Friday, May 17 – 21, 2021.
Topics presented during this five-day virtual program will include updates on: Basic Science, Clinical Science, Treatment Options, Comprehensive Care, and Living with Parkinson’s. The program will also include two 4-part wellness series as part of the week, looking at PT wellness and Speech/Voice wellness. Talks will be forward thinking and delivered by both well recognized and up and coming leaders in the Parkinson’s space. 
Registration to the first ever World Parkinson Congress Virtual in May is only $25.00 US. 
#5 Share Your PD Story on Video
Maybe you’ve been living with Parkinson’s for years, and the pandemic has changed some of the things you’ve always relied on. Or you’ve had a really tough year, but you’re still hanging in there. You’ve adapted, made new connections. Perhaps you started doing Zumba over Zoom, or learned to love gardening. You’ve overcome challenges you never could have imagined and you have hope.
Whatever your story, whatever your experience with Parkinson’s. 
You Are Not Alone
There’s a whole world of support out there. People who care. People walking in shoes like yours. People who want to help, or to be heard, just like you.
Reach out, and find friendship and community.Join us for a live event on 11 April for a continuous stream showcasing the Global Parkinson’s community, ideas and inspiration. Explore how to be together, apart. Connect with people who understand your triumphs, challenges, and hopes, because they’re on a similar journey too.
Send your YOUTUBE link or video on why you became a PD AVENGER and we’ll include it in our montage for the 11-April YOUTUBE event. Here’s a sample video.
11-April YouTube Event #TogertherApart
A YouTube event with people from around the world and all walks of life who have a connection to Parkinson’s. Learn how others have overcome challenges, found support, connected during lockdown, and how they manage their condition. Share your concerns, celebrate each others’ triumphs, and share in dreams and hopes for the future.
It doesn’t stop there! Actions are powerful. Pick up the phone, reach out to someone who needs a helping hand. Invite them to the next quiz night, or virtual coffee. Or just say hello. Show you care, and that together we’re part of something bigger.
When?11-April Parkinson’s Awareness Day – All Day Long
Who it’s for?This is for you. Whether you have Parkinson’s, or care about someone who does. You might be a researcher, maybe you work in wellness and support. You might be one person on your own, or a whole family, charity, or group. Anyone with a connection to Parkinson’s, anywhere in the World.
How do I attend?
Together we’re stronger. Together with Parkinson’s. Together, apart.

Please send YouTube links to videos by April 6th if you would like your video to be considered for the #TogetherApart YouTube stream 
Please go to our Partner Page and click on the logos and visit their websites to discover amazing events happening everyday in April for World Parkinson’s Awareness.