February 14/15, 2021 | We are a global alliance of people with Parkinson’s, our partners and friends, standing together demanding change in how the disease is seen and treated.

Hello PD Avengers near and far!

I am sending sincere gestures of love and gratitiude to you on this belated-Valentine’s Day email.

Thank you for being an early adopter of the PD Avengers. We are closing in 2,500 members and we have PD Avengers in 54 countries or territories. Additionally, 43 Parkinson’s organizations and events are officially partnering with PD Avengers.

If each organization encouraged their membership to join PD Avengers (as Parkinson Canada, EPDA, and Cure Parkinson’s has done) and if half of the current PD Avengers recruited FIVE friends to join and lend their voice to help end Parkinson’s, we would quickly exceed 10,000 members. The membership numbers will multiply exponentially from there. Remember our focus early on is to recruit ONE MILLION members by the end of 2022.

We need everyone who is willing and able to help us reach that goal. One million seems overwhelming, but I know we have the passioPeople can sign up as a PD Avenger, help raise money for local PD organizations, and help raise awareness of PD world-wide.)

Many PD Avengers are eager and want to begin doing something. I get. I receive emails asking me, „Are you doing this or are you doing that?“ I want to reply, „are you?“

We (you and the PD Avengers) are one. You and your PD friends know what’s best for your Parkinson’s community. Please, remember this is a patient lead organization with a philosophy of „Think Global, Act Local.“ That means if you believe the biggest need in your community is to focus on (fill in the blank), then let’s talk about how we can best support you in addressing it.

Two „Think Global, Act Local“ activities you can participate in are highlighted below.

As you go about recruiting new PD Avengers, please ask if you need anything from us to do that (logos, proper language, videos, a founding member to zoom into a meeting, etc.). Our latest video is below and along with several Action Alerts and Parkinson’s Podcasts you might want to start listening to or return to if you haven’t listened for a while.

Thank you again for your passion, dedication and perserverance.

United to End Parkinson’s,


Larry Gifford
Co-Founder PD Avengers



PD Avengers are proud to partner with Sport Parkinson’s on this truly global effort with local impact. On Parkinson’s Awareness Day weekend (April 12, 2021) there will be a new moon.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it… is to race the moon!

Race The Moon is a cumulative race against the actual Moon of Earth. The mission is a collaboration led by Sport Parkinson’s who are responsible for mission management, operations and challenge control.

Race The Moon is a fundraising event, where the focus is not on how fast, or how far you can go, but one where every ones contribution is recognised, valued and rewarded.

A personal challenge combined with the global Parkinson’s community all working together to go faster than the moon. It also will help everyone with Parkinson’s get active, help get fit and ‘keep healthy and strong ‘til a cure comes along’.

HOW TO REGISTER <-click for detailsWebsite: www.RaceTheMoon.com
REGISTER A CHARITY <-click for detailswww.race-nation.com <- the hyphen is key!


One unique aspect to this event is that any legally recognized Parkinson’s charity can register to be one of the options individuals can chose to direct funds they raise while participating in Race the Moon. No single charity or organization is the sole benefactor of fund raising. This is yet another example of „Think Global, Act Local.“Ein einzigartiger Aspekt dieser Veranstaltung ist, dass sich jede gesetzlich anerkannte Parkinson-Wohltätigkeitsorganisation registrieren kann, um eine der Optionen zu sein, die Einzelpersonen wählen können, um Gelder, die sie während ihrer Teilnahme an Race the Moon sammeln, zu leiten. Keine einzelne Wohltätigkeitsorganisation ist der alleinige Nutznießer der Spendensammlung. Dies ist ein weiteres Beispiel für „Think Global, Act Local“.

11th April 2021 – 10th May 2021

  • Distance: 1.5 million miles
  • Participants: Anyone!
  • Register at www.racethemoon.com
  • Clock up miles walking, running, biking, swimming, moving, golfing, rowing, wheeling, ebiking
  • Inclusive, fun, togetherness, global, feelgood and Covid-proof!

If you have additional questions regarding RACE THE MOON, please contact Charlie Appleyard, Director at Sport Parkinson’s: charlie@sportparkinsons.com


SHARE YOUR STORY: Send us your videos, pictures and inspiring stories so we can feature you in our newsletter! Also, looking for videos in all languages introducing yourself, share why you became a PD Avenger, and encourage others join too. We will add subtitles in multiple languages to help expand your message beyond your borders.


After Neuromoduclation (DBS Surgery), German PD AVENGER Tony Seidl went from barely being able to walk to riding his bike 519 km during a 11-day bike tour between Germany and Italy marking his 50th birthday.

He raised funds and awareness for Parkinson’s and our partners at the EPDA. Read more.

ENGLISH: Tony’s story of biking from Germany to Italy in 2016.
ITALIAN:This is a news report in Italian from when Tony was on his epic journey.

To share your story with PD AVengers, please email Larry@PDAvengers.com



Please make plans to join your fellow PD Avengers from around the world as we asswmblw to discuss the latest PD Avengers news, activities and actinos you can share with your local PwP.

PD Avengers Assemble

Mark your calenders. Time above is GMT 18:00 (6pm), PT 11:00a, ET 2p.

Read more: www.timeanddate.com


If you are interested in joining the PD Avengers committee to help address the banning of industry chemicals, herbicides and pesticides that are scientifically linked to an incresed risk of Parkinson’s like Paraquat and Trichlorethethyelene, please click here to email Larry. In the subject line put „Paraquat Committee.“ Thank you!



A 24-hour live stream on World Parkinson’s Awareness Day. The goal is to truly put the WORLD in World Parkinson’s Awareness Day giving one hour of time to each time zone for 24-hours to showcase PwP, treatments, and activities. We will eliminate borders, let the walls of PD organizations melt away as we come together as one community, sharing our lives with Parkinson’s disease the world over.

Click below to watch a great video as we gear up for the event. It’s going to take massive cooperation, communication, collaboration and participation to pull it off. Email worldparkinsonsday2021@parkinsons.org.uk if you are interested.

World Parkinson’s Awareness Day 2021 – PD Avengers